Below are a few samples of my airbrush work. Remember it's all custom, tell me what
you're vision is and I'll bring it to life.
 : I was featured in the March 2015 issue of Easy Ridar : This is a tribute to the customers son, who was killed in Iraq. : The truck was repainted and I did the airbrush work on the tailgate
 : I teamed up with the Pavati crew to paint there new wakeboard boat : I designed and laid out the graphix and did all the airbrush and pinstripe work : Here it is on the water
 : I also airbrushed the dash to match
 : This is a " Magic Box" we built for the 2014 production of the Nutcracker. : The director wanted a Phoenix on the front and magical space scenes on the side
 : I'll paint just about anything, and sometimes I'll even build it : This sleigh was made for Studio Roxanders "Nutcracker ballet" 2012 : It has gold leaf floral designs and,  airbrushed rails,  : This Throne was designed, and painted for Studio Roxanders production of the Nutcracker ballet
 : A little paint makes a world of difference : I designed the graphics and did the airbrush work on this wakeboard boat : An aluminum boat has to have diamond plate.
 : A closeup shows some of the airbrush work. X-gamers love skulls as much as bikers : 1950 Ford woodie tailgate : Here it is installed : The dash and inside window trim was all airbrushed
 : More window trim : The engine gets the treatment as well : This is a front mounted oil tank for a chopper I did in a rusted metal look : a little before
 : and after : and the tailgate : This Horse was done on the hood of a Mustang
 : Here's the trunk lid : Here are some signs that will be mounted to a restored gas pump : These were all done by hand to capture the vintage feel of the pump
No airbrush but just a nice classic paint job on a favorite bike : These oars went with the Pocket Kings boat
 : Here's another boat I did for Pavati marine. It has a beautiful candy tangerine mountain scene on it. : It really comes alive  when the light hits it
 : The logo was hand painted
A little Taz on tanks and rear fender
 : great white buffalo on back of 48 panhead fender
 : This customer is a pro card player :  Yet again another Reaper  to be painted on the side of a drift boatPaint demo on a 17" x 17" panel
 : Glove box for an early 70's Bronco : Ash tray for same Bronco
 ( None smoker)
Brain bucket
 : My version of Iron man
 : Very subtle lines were airbrushed to add some interest to  this helmet : These are some speakers I did in wood grain.
 : They were all black when I got them : With the grill cloth installed : This dog was already painted on the sleeper of a Mack truck. I added the clouds/lightning and lettering
 : Hears a 24" x 24" canvas I did for a wedding present
These were taken from some sculptors done by Michelangelo
If you have any ideas for a t-shirt you would like give me a call  : How about a little Wonder Woman on a T-Shirt : I can custom paint pillow cases for you if you like
 : Kids rooms always need a mural : My work truck logo : These are trees I painted for the set of the ballet "Surealia"  put on by Sudio Roxander. The funny guy is there for scale.
 : These are some Model A wheels that I painted, Just need striping and they are done
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